Your Magazine

The concept behind YOUR

YOURIssue_CoverAfter we have crunched the numbers over advertising rates, audience size and demographic we looked beyond the page borders and sought a deeper meaning to our (YOUR) lifestyle magazine of Greater Victoria. Not losing site of the need for our advertisers and our readers to benefit from this publication, we added a third element: not-for-profits. We asked, how can we do more for YOUR community with this unique print offering?

In the Capital Region there are close to 1,000 registered not-for-profit organizations, and one of their largest challenges after finances for many of these organizations is getting their stories told. Media coverage for them is oversubscribed. Because of this, there is a multitude of great causes but not nearly enough opportunities for these organizations to reach a wide audience to share their stories of the valuable work they do on a daily basis to enhance the community and the lives of the people who call it home. Some of these not-for-profits started from the ideas of a visionary, like the Victoria Foundation, others by a collection of like-minded people, and some a grant from the public or private sector but not a single one has the same story. Victoria needs to be more aware of all the great people and unique organizations that help to make this city remarkable.

YOUR Magazine believes that right now we can help raise the awareness of such organizations, with interesting and unique stories to tell that will shine a light on the philanthropic opportunities and organizations in this community. YOUR community. The story of each not-for- profit is engaging and distinctive and these stories are happening all around us. YOUR magazine will encourage the reader to share with us what is or isn’t happening in your community, what are the issues on your mind and how can we help to share information and connect you better to your community.

In order to get these stories heard, not-for-profits need to find a way to connect with those who are willing to help them grow. They need people to support them as volunteers and find those who could benefit from the work that each particular not-for-profit is doing. It’s about more than just the facts, it’s about sharing the story that makes so many organizations extraordinary