Search Engine Optimization

Improve your online presence with Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization of all the content on your website with the use of relevant and keyword-rich content. The objective of this exercise is to add to the visibility of your website and ensure that it gets the highest organic rankings. Creating keywords & key phrases that are business specific is what will give your company the push it needs. It is also very important that the content be optimized for people who actually use the search engines and not simply for the search engines themselves.

Attracting Traffic

Using appropriate Search Engine Optimization methods will help attract traffic to your site and will add to the profitability of your business. Quality content ensures that your visitors will stay on “on the page” for a longer time and this too helps with adding your pages to the rankings. There are several other dos and don’ts of SEO that have to be taken into consideration while creating a strategy for your website. There are many companies using “Black Hat” techniques that will get you ranked quickly but will over time cause your site to be pushed to the bottom for bad behavior.

Links, reviews and citations are three of the primary factors that Google uses when deciding on which order to rank businesses in their local search results. Online citations directly affect search results on mobile devices as well as localized searches, for example when someone searches “Media Group Victoria BC”.