Logo and design


Designed by VMG partner Seriously Creative. Sophisticated, easy to read at a glance, tidy for usage in all applications from business cards to the side of buildings.



Victoria Media Group provide logo and branding services and graphic design for any medium and application.

Whether your brand is new, needs a refresh or a complete re-brand, contact Victoria Media Group to find out how we can assist you.




Designed by JJ at Minimax Media. The long name was a challenge, however, the embellishment of Christie-Phoenix Insurance’s well-known “CP” emblem and the words “Victoria Run Series” gets the point across.







Designed by Seriously Creative. Again, like VMG’s logo it works with all applications, is simple and easy to notice at a glance.



Designed by Christopher Kelsall and improved by Seriously Creative. Is the runner going up a steep hill, stairs, competing in the steeplechase or hurdles? Athletics Illustrated covers the sport of track and field.


Designed by Christopher Kelsall and finalized by Seriously Creative. Simple and concise. This full-page magazine ad works with the key elements of good ad design: Headline at the top, logo at the bottom, graphic covering the full real estate. The question at the top intrigues the reader to visit the website indicated at the bottom.